Create a simple ribbon / banner using Adobe Illustrator:

This tutorial demonstrates how to create banners in illustrator or simple ribbon vector graphics in adobe illustrator using basic shapes. It also demonstrates the use of warp effects and the shear tool in illustrator.After watching this tutorial you will be able to create your own ribbons/ banner in a very short amount of time.

Steps involved in creating the above video:

Step 1 : Open Illustrator.

Step 2 : Create a new document (it can be of any size…)

Step 3 : Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle and give it a fill and stroke color of your choice.

Step 4 : With the rectangle selected hold Alt and drag the rectangle above to create a second copy of the rectangle. Repeat this step one more time.

Step 5 : Now you have 3 rectangles on your art board stacked on top of each other. Select the middle rectangle i.e. the second rectangle and scale it down horizontally up to 80%. (As shown at 00.50 mins)

Step 6 : Select first rectangle you drew and also scale it down horizontally, but make sure you drag out the portion of the rectangle out towards your right side.( As shown as 1.02mins)

Step 7 : With the first rectangle selected, go to tools bar and select Add Anchor point tool and add an anchor point on the right side of the rectangle (As shown at 1.17 mins)

Step 8 : Now select the anchor point just created with direct selection tool (or may have been already selected) and move the anchor point to the left with left arrow key (As shown at 1.20 mins). This object becomes the tail of the ribbon.

Step 9 : Now select the middle rectangle and go to tools bar and select shear tool. By default the pivot point of the shear is at the center of the rectangle, replace the pivot point from the center to the right of the object (As shown at 1.36min). The reason to shift the pivot point is to shear the object from that point itself. If fail to do so the object is sheared from the center, which gives a different result.

Step 10 : Now after setting the shear point, shear the object vertically from the opposite side of the shear point. Hold shift while shearing the object. This helps to maintain the shear angle exact vertically. (As shown at 1.41mins)

Step 11 : Now select the shear object and add darker tint to it. This tint works as a shadow color.

Step 12 : Now move the object with up arrow key and place it below the uppermost rectangle (As show at 1.56mins)

Step 13 : Now select the tail portion of the ribbon and place it behind the middle object (as shown at 2.08mins)

Step 14 : Now make a selection of middle and back object and group them together.

Step 15 : With Group selected Alt drag to create a copy of it.

Step 16 : With the copy selected go to Object- Transform- Reflect. And reflect it vertically.

Step 17 : Now place the reflected copy behind front object (As shown at 2.50mins)

Step 18 : Now Select all the objects on the artboard and group them together. This completes the creation of basic ribbon in Illustrator.

Step 19 : Now type your text and place it on to the ribbon and group them together.

Step 20 : Create two copies to the group.

Step 21 : Now select the first copy and go to Effect- Warp- and Apply Arc.

Step 22 : Select second copy, Go to Effects-warp- and apply Flag.

Step 23 : Select third copy, Go to Effects-Warp and apply Arch…